Alan Rosacker Five-Element Acupuncture
** The U.S. Clinic is Temporarily Closed while Alan is Away Studying and Practicing Internationally in Thailand **
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Alan has always had an interest in other cultures and has long had a special connection to the country of Thailand. Traveling to other countries gives any traveller the possibility to see the world in a new way. Without realizing it, all people are born into a particular culture that has certain beliefs and world views.  Most of us take this for granted and do not question these underlying beliefs.  
These underlying beliefs become like a scaffolding that colors the way we experience the world. There tend to be certain cultural 'norms' that are accepted by everyone. Of course, within every culture there are many types of people.  There are many kinds of Americans, and yet there is still something that binds Americans together.  There are certain beliefs about the world and the way things work.  Most people believe that the world exists in a concrete way, and we experience it in an unbiased and objective way.  But our world view and beliefs, the underlying scaffolding, strongly color the way we see the world.  
It is for this reason that Alan has spent so much time traveling the world and immersing himself in other cultures.  Doing this has helped him see the world in a new way and gain greater perspective.
Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and for its own ancient medicines of Thai massage and Thai herbs.  Thailand is a country rich in culture, and its healing techniques are hundreds of years old. Certain types of Thai massage use a form of acupressure that overlaps in many ways with Chinese acupuncture and acupressure.
In Thailand Alan has studied many aspects of Thai culture to more deeply understand how Thai people experience and see the world.  Thailand is a mostly Buddhist country, and the overall feeling or outlook is one of acceptance. This allows for the free learning of new ideas in a relaxed environment.  
Alan has studied Thai Language,Thai Massage, Thai Herbalism, Thai Cooking, and Thai History in his time in Thailand.  He uses this experience and knowledge to inform his treatments.  This training allows him to see the root cause of a symptom more clearly and from more than one perspective.  

Receiving blessings at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand

Offering Acupuncture in Rayong, Thailand

 Training in Thai Cooking in Ban Chang, Thailand

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